Looking For The Best Solar Panel Installers in Cheshire? Introducing Entire Renewables

Looking For The Best Solar Panel Installers in Cheshire?

As a Cheshire resident, you’ve probably noticed more of your neighbours opting for solar panels on their roofs over the past few years. Solar panels are more than just a trend – they herald a lifestyle change that enables a sustainable future while saving households and businesses money on their energy bills. Here at Entire Renewables, we’re not just one of Cheshire’s leading renewable energy providers; we are also your neighbours. Our mission is to utilise our expert knowledge of the local area and passion for green energy to transform Cheshire into a solar-powered county! Ambitious, we know, but it is the future!

For over ten years, our expert team has dedicated themselves to helping those across the region make this mutually beneficial transition in a smooth and efficient process. If you, too, are considering making the switch and investing smartly in the future and in your home, you are in the right place.

Continue reading to learn more about our solar panel company and why we should be your first-choice solar panel installer in Cheshire.

Why Go Solar? The Benefits of Solar Energy

Before we dive into our business’s ethos and history, let’s explore the numerous advantages of switching to solar energy, which range from environmental benefits to significant savings in the long run.

Increasingly, homeowners worldwide are turning to solar energy as a more environmentally sustainable option. Going solar can reduce your home’s carbon footprint by 80% in just one year, but that’s not all – by going solar, not only will you be kinder to the planet, but you’ll be kinder to your bank balance, too. To put it into perspective, you have an opportunity to save around £1,190 every year, especially when abiding by best practices. Certainly a smart move, given the current economic climate!

What’s more, the financial upsides of going solar go far beyond lower energy bills. Recent research has shown that solar panels can boost a property’s value by as much as 25%, making this a truly savvy investment for homeowners. By making the switch, you can cut energy costs while significantly increasing the value of your home without costly and timely renovations. It’s a win-win!

Furthermore, with the wild fluctuations in energy prices seen in recent years, having your own solar set-up is like having an energy security blanket that offers a buffer against unpredictable market changes.

Why Choose Entire Renewables?

Now that we’ve looked at the many benefits of switching to solar, let’s delve deeper into Entire Renewables, and explain why we are your best choice when it comes to choosing a PV installer in Cheshire.

Local Expertise and Extensive Experience

Choosing a local business to make such an extensive modification to your property can be daunting – we get it. But one thing to remember is that you’re not just another number to us. As locals ourselves, we respect our customers as though they were our neighbours – because they are. Our location also gives us unparalleled local expertise. 

As experienced PV installers in Cheshire, we understand the quirks of Cheshire’s weather, the styles of homes in the region and the local regulations like the back of our hands. Therefore, we don’t just install any old panels; we ensure they’re the perfect fit for your home, budget and lifestyle. Our decade-long experience, local expertise and extensive knowledge of the Cheshire area truly set us apart from our competitors.

For over ten years, Entire Renewables has exceeded the expectations of homeowners across the UK. As a family-run business, we take great pride in customer care and providing personal service from start to finish. Furthermore, by partnering with the best brands in the industry, including Solaredge and GivEnergy, we ensure maximum and long-term satisfaction.

Tailored to Your Needs

At Entire Renewables, we understand that every home is unique. For this reason, we believe in offering tailored solutions to suit your individual needs and preferences – one size does not fit all!

Tailoring our solutions to you is one of our differentiators as a leading solar panel company in Cheshire. If you look back to when you were looking for your dream home, going through a long-winded process of finding the right one, finding your solar solution is no different. Our comprehensive process involves sitting down with you, understanding your energy needs, and even analysing your energy usage patterns.

We do this because your solar system should be as unique as your home. What’s more, just like you, we also want your solar system to look good, in addition to being functional. In fact, our sleek black boards have an aesthetically pleasing look, unlike the eye-sore much dreaded by homeowners. 

Our goal is aligned with yours: to preserve the presentation of your home in the best possible way.

Industry-Leading Turnaround Times

Nobody likes a home or business in disarray for long, right? Entire Renewables gets it. Our team is all about efficiency without cutting corners, ensuring your daily life isn’t turned upside down for too long. We pride ourselves in executing the entire process, from consultation to instalment, in no longer than three weeks. With faster turnaround times than others in the field, we make it our mission to have your system up and running in little to no time, depending on the complexity of the solar solution you’ve opted for.

By choosing Entire Renewables, you can rest assured that you can enjoy your newly upgraded home as quickly as possible, with minimal fuss and disruption to your daily routine

Aftercare: We’re Here for the Long Haul

Another advantage that sets us apart is our commitment to providing excellent after-sale services and ongoing support. With Entire Renewables, installing your panels is just the beginning of our journey together – we’ll be with you every step of the way.

At the beginning of the process, our team will walk you through your solar options and design a system that fits your space and is tailored to your specific needs. Once we have installed one of our optimised Solaredge PV systems, we will continue to provide exceptional aftercare, which involves us keeping an eye on your set-up, ensuring that your system operates at peak efficiency. Through regular check-ups, maintenance and a friendly team ready to answer any questions you may have, you will never be left in the dark with Entire. 

To give you even further peace of mind, our Solaredge systems are installed with a smart monitoring system, allowing you to watch your savings grow anytime, anywhere, at the click of a button on your smartphone. Our team will also guide you through how to use your digital interface and manage excess energy storage – with Entire Renewables, you can rest assured that all grounds are covered.

Additional Services For A More Energy-Efficient Home

At Entire Renewables, we go beyond solar panel installation to offer a full range of sustainable energy solutions to help homeowners create a more energy-efficient home. 

Entire Renewables can elevate your solar PV system with cutting-edge battery storage solutions, allowing you to fully utilise any excess energy generated by your new PV panels. We can hook you up with a Solaredge system that stores excess energy, ensuring that you always stay online, even when others are offline. This stored solar energy can be used at any time, especially during the night, when your solar PV panels aren’t producing enough power for your needs, during blackouts, or when the energy grid costs are high. 

As pioneers in providing sustainable energy solutions to homeowners in Cheshire and beyond, we also offer state-of-the-art Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions tailored for each home, helping homeowners stay at the forefront of the eco-friendly transportation evolution.  

What’s more, to give our customers complete peace of mind, we work on a no-deposit scheme, which means that you don’t have to pay a penny up-front until your installation is complete. 

Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are the testimonials from some of our satisfied clients:

“Super company to deal with, from 1st contact with Bev through to the installation & after care, I’ve been 100% impressed. Nothing is too much trouble; every email promptly responded to, every call answered with endless patience. The scaffolders and installation team were very efficient, friendly & professional (even though they were working in biblical rain!). Adam, the electrician, had patience by the bucket load & responded to my emails almost instantly. Having been stung by another Solar company, I was doubly wary, but Bev and her team have restored my confidence, and I’m extremely pleased with my Solar & battery installer. Thoroughly recommend Entire Renewables of Tarporley.” – Lynne, Cheshire

“I don’t write reviews often, but these guys deserve it. The perfect combination of excellent customer service, top workmanship and superb value. Highly recommended. Very, very pleased with my solar PV installation.” – David Carolan

“We scoured the market for a reputable and reliable provider of Solar Panels and found Entire to be the best. The advice was factual, balanced and not trying to ‘sell’ us what suited them but accurately met our needs, house configuration and energy needs. The team worked within our domestic constraints and overcame issues related to supply of goods, labour and the weather. As with all these things there were minor technical challenges which Ben and the team overcame admirably. 100% recommendation to use. And three months in, we have had great follow-up support too.” – Ian Knowlson 

These reviews aren’t just testaments to our outstanding service; they are invitations to join a community of savvy homeowners just like you.

Get In Touch With Us Today!

We truly believe that solar energy is more than just panels on your roof. It’s about creating a sustainable future, saving on energy costs, and increasing your home’s value. And with Entire Renewables, you’re choosing solar panel installers in Cheshire who are invested in your home’s energy future.

So, why wait? Contact us today via email at info@entirerenewables.co.uk or phone at 01606 374 994, and let’s start this journey together. Here’s to brighter, greener days ahead!

There may be other solar panel installers in Cheshire, but Entire Renewables sets itself apart in more ways than one. From quick installations and personalised service to extra features like battery storage and EV charging, Entire Renewables really make a difference for property owners, both residential and commercial. 

Dave N.
Dave N.
Very positive experience. Efficient service, very neat installation, turned up on time and took the time we agreed to do the work.
Philip C.
Philip C.
The whole of the Entire Renewables team gave us an excellent service. Bev in the office responded almost immediately to every query, they handled the whole of our planning application without fuss and the installation team did a great job. We'd definitely recommend them to anyone else considering Solar panels.
Charles J.
Charles J.
A very good experience using entire renewables. From the offset they were knowledgeable and were happy to answer all my questions. The install of a 6KW Longi and GivEnergy System took 2 days and is neat and tidy. Highly recommended!
david C.
david C.
I don't write reviews often but these guys deserve it. The perfect combination of excellent customer service, top workmanship and superb value. Highly recommended. Very very pleased with my solar PV installation.
Mike H.
Mike H.
Bev was good in the office. Adam was brilliant replacing my inverter quite cool and very efficient. I had squirrel damage to my solar panels a couple of years ago that was great as well and a good price 🥃🥃
Sue P.
Sue P.
Excellent service. Polite and friendly.
Lynne L.
Lynne L.
Super company to deal with ,from 1st contact with Bev through install & after care I've been 100% impressed . Nothing is too much trouble , every email promptly responded too, every call answered with endless patience .The scafolders & install team were very efficient ,friendly & professional ( even though they were working in biblical rain! ) ,Adam the electrician had patience by the bucket load & responded to my emails almost instantly .Having been stung by another Solar company I was doubly wary but Bev & her team have restored my confidence & I'm extremely pleased with my Solar & battery installer . Thoroughly recommend Entire Renewables of Tarporley .
David W.
David W.
Can highly recommend Entire. Very pleased with our solar panels and battery. Thorough service right from the outset, nothing was too much trouble.
chris R.
chris R.
Very professional company to deal with, all arranged dates where met. Install lads where hard working polite and very knowledgeable about their installation and product. I would have no issues using again.
Sean W.
Sean W.
Just had a home solar array + battery storage + car charger system and really happy with the system and also that I chose Entire Renewables. From the very first enquiry and “quite” a few quotations to fine tune the system to my exact requirements, through the install and finalisation of the certificates and documentation. The team, in particular Bev was always responsive, patient and kept me informed of progress along the way and things happened when they said they would. I received honest advice and they never tried to sell me anything I didn’t need or want. The team who did the install were fantastic and unbelievably completed the full install in one day. When I had an issue the day after due to a comms link they were there within the hour, not missed a beat since. Great to support a good local professional company from start to finish. 100% satisfied.
Alan H.
Alan H.
We have a Solar Powered system with inverter and battery. From first enquiry to system commissioning the process was professional, honest, appropriate for our needs and competitively priced. We have had no problems with the system and expect to save significant amounts of money with the reduction in our electricity bills. Any questions that we had were answered promptly and efficiently by Bev. The monitoring app is easy to use and provides the information you need. I have no hesitation in recommending Entire
Ann A.
Ann A.
Excellent Company, Staff and engineers so professional, efficient, friendly and VERY helpful, would certainly recommend.
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