How To Improve The Performance Of Your Solar Panels

How To Improve The Performance Of Your Solar Panels

As of February 2024, 1.28 million homes in the U.K. have installed solar panels to reap the benefits of going solar, cutting their energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint. The numerous advantages of solar energy, from lower energy bills to reduced reliance on the power grid, are well known. But did you know that solar panels are also surprisingly easy to maintain? 

Here at Entire Renewables, we are one of the UK’s leading solar companies. Based in Cheshire, we provide our customers with innovative and customised solar energy solutions that are tailored to each home’s individual needs. 

In this blog post, we’ll explain why solar panels are such a low-maintenance option and give you our top tips for improving their performance. Whether you’re looking to join the sustainable energy revolution or have already upgraded your home with solar panels, you will gain some useful insights into how to care for your PV panels!

Why Solar Panels Are A Low-Maintenance Option

Solar panels boast many financial and environmental advantages. They offer a renewable and eco-friendly energy source while reducing electricity bills and increasing property value. By installing solar panels, homeowners can potentially save around £1,190 every year and increase the value of their property by up to 25%

However, their advantages do not end there: solar panels are also surprisingly low-maintenance, offering an even greater return on investment in the long run. Let’s look at why PV panels are so easy to maintain, making them an increasingly popular option for homeowners in the U.K. and worldwide.

Simple Design

The beauty of solar panels lies in their simple design, which has no moving parts. Unlike other energy systems like generators or wind turbines that require regular servicing of their moving components, solar panels are essentially static devices. This simplicity means there are fewer components that can break down or wear out over time.

A Long Lifespan

High-quality solar panels, like the ones installed by Entire Renewables, are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow and hail – essential for the unpredictable British weather! They are typically made with tempered glass and sturdy frames that protect the internal components. This durability means that, if properly looked after, they can potentially last for decades without significant degradation in performance. The extended lifespan of solar panels makes them an appealing long-term investment for your home.

Minimal Cleaning

While solar panels do require some cleaning to maintain optimal performance, the cleaning process is very straightforward. In most cases, a gentle wash with water and a soft brush is all that’s needed to remove any dirt and debris. This occasional cleaning, perhaps a few times a year, depending on the location, is far less intensive than the regular maintenance required for many other energy systems.

Now that we know why solar panels are so easy to maintain let’s explore some practical ways to ensure that your panels are operating at their peak efficiency, maximising their output while reducing energy losses.

How To Keep Your Solar Panels Clean 

Regular cleaning is essential to keeping your PV panels in tip-top shape. Dust, dirt, leaves, and bird droppings can accumulate on panels, reducing their efficiency. The good news is that cleaning your solar panels is easier than you think! 

Firstly, start by checking the manufacturer’s guidelines, as some panels may have specific cleaning requirements. Typically, this involves using a soft brush with a long handle and gentle detergent mixed with water to scrub away dirt, bird droppings, and debris. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could scratch the panels. For safety, especially on elevated installations, consider using a hose with a nozzle attachment to rinse off the soap and dirt. 

Ideally, clean the panels early in the morning or late in the evening when they are cool to prevent water from evaporating quickly, leaving behind streaks. Regular cleaning, usually a few times a year, helps maintain efficiency by allowing maximum sunlight absorption. 

At Entire Renewables, we also offer a range of state-of-the-art products that protect your solar panels against birds, helping you keep them cleaner for longer!

Monitor Performance To Detect Problems Early On

It is important to monitor the performance of your solar panels regularly so that you can detect and fix problems early on. Many solar panel systems come with monitoring software that allows you to track energy production – it’s a good idea to monitor this data regularly to spot any significant drops in performance that could indicate a problem. 

If you opt to install your solar panels with Entire Renewables, we will help you keep an eye on your set-up, ensuring that your system operates at peak efficiency. Once we have installed one of our optimised SolarEdge PV systems, we will guide you through the handy digital interface that enables you to track your system’s performance effortlessly through your smartphone.

You might also wish to consider an annual inspection by a solar professional who can identify and address issues before they become major problems. In the U.K., the average cost of annual solar panel servicing is around £100 – a small price to pay for a little reassurance that could protect your solar panels, a long-term investment for your home!

Optimal Placement and Angle

Optimal placement is crucial for maximising the efficiency of your solar panels. The key aim is to maximise sun exposure, a particularly important consideration in the UK, where sunlight can be scarce at times! Ensure panels are installed in areas with maximum sunlight exposure throughout the day. Trim back any shading trees or structures that may obstruct sunlight. 

The correct angle is also crucial. While snow is generally less of an issue in the U.K., constant rain and drizzle can affect solar panels if they’re not installed correctly. To ensure optimal energy generation, it is essential to install the panels at an angle that allows rainwater to run off smoothly, effectively clearing away any stray debris in the process.

At Entire Renewables, we pride ourselves on providing customers with customised solar panel solutions that are fully tailored to each customer’s individual needs. If you choose to install your solar panels with us, our team will walk you through your solar options and design a system that fits your space and is tailored to your specific requirements, taking into account the location and layout of your home. 

Invest In A Battery System

Want to maximise the value of your solar panels even more? Consider installing a solar battery, which offers numerous benefits. First and foremost, it reduces your reliance on the power grid by enabling you to store excess energy generated by your solar panels. During sunny periods when your panels are producing more electricity than your home is using, this surplus energy can be stored in the battery system instead of being sent back to the grid. 

This stored solar energy can be used at any time, especially at night when your solar PV panels aren’t producing enough power for your needs, during blackouts, or when the energy grid costs are high.

Additionally, in the event of a grid outage, a solar battery system can provide backup power, ensuring that essential appliances continue to function without interruption. Imagine having a safety blanket that covers your essential energy needs when you need it most! 

At Entire Renewables, we can help you elevate your solar panel system with our cutting-edge battery storage solutions that empower you to enjoy greater energy independence and peace of mind. 

We Are Here To Help

We are confident that homeowners will improve the performance of their solar panels by implementing the tips outlined above, making the most of their valuable investment. However, if you need some expert assistance, Entire Renewables is here to help! With our decade-long experience in helping homeowners across the U.K. upgrade their homes with solar panel and battery systems, we have unrivalled expertise and knowledge when it comes to optimising the performance of your PV panels. 

If you have yet to install solar panels on your home, Entire Renewables is your best choice. As a family-run business, we take great pride in customer care and providing personal service from start to finish. Whether you’re looking to install new solar panels or batteries or would like some expert advice on maintaining your existing panels, contact us today via email at or phone at 01606 374 994, and let’s start this journey together.

keith H.
keith H.
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Dave N.
Very positive experience. Efficient service, very neat installation, turned up on time and took the time we agreed to do the work.
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Philip C.
The whole of the Entire Renewables team gave us an excellent service. Bev in the office responded almost immediately to every query, they handled the whole of our planning application without fuss and the installation team did a great job. We'd definitely recommend them to anyone else considering Solar panels.
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Charles J.
A very good experience using entire renewables. From the offset they were knowledgeable and were happy to answer all my questions. The install of a 6KW Longi and GivEnergy System took 2 days and is neat and tidy. Highly recommended!
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david C.
I don't write reviews often but these guys deserve it. The perfect combination of excellent customer service, top workmanship and superb value. Highly recommended. Very very pleased with my solar PV installation.
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Mike H.
Bev was good in the office. Adam was brilliant replacing my inverter quite cool and very efficient. I had squirrel damage to my solar panels a couple of years ago that was great as well and a good price 🥃🥃
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Sue P.
Excellent service. Polite and friendly.
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Lynne L.
Super company to deal with ,from 1st contact with Bev through install & after care I've been 100% impressed . Nothing is too much trouble , every email promptly responded too, every call answered with endless patience .The scafolders & install team were very efficient ,friendly & professional ( even though they were working in biblical rain! ) ,Adam the electrician had patience by the bucket load & responded to my emails almost instantly .Having been stung by another Solar company I was doubly wary but Bev & her team have restored my confidence & I'm extremely pleased with my Solar & battery installer . Thoroughly recommend Entire Renewables of Tarporley .
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David W.
Can highly recommend Entire. Very pleased with our solar panels and battery. Thorough service right from the outset, nothing was too much trouble.
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chris R.
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Sean W.
Just had a home solar array + battery storage + car charger system and really happy with the system and also that I chose Entire Renewables. From the very first enquiry and “quite” a few quotations to fine tune the system to my exact requirements, through the install and finalisation of the certificates and documentation. The team, in particular Bev was always responsive, patient and kept me informed of progress along the way and things happened when they said they would. I received honest advice and they never tried to sell me anything I didn’t need or want. The team who did the install were fantastic and unbelievably completed the full install in one day. When I had an issue the day after due to a comms link they were there within the hour, not missed a beat since. Great to support a good local professional company from start to finish. 100% satisfied.
Alan H.
Alan H.
We have a Solar Powered system with inverter and battery. From first enquiry to system commissioning the process was professional, honest, appropriate for our needs and competitively priced. We have had no problems with the system and expect to save significant amounts of money with the reduction in our electricity bills. Any questions that we had were answered promptly and efficiently by Bev. The monitoring app is easy to use and provides the information you need. I have no hesitation in recommending Entire
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